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With your help, we can ease the financial stress of costly medical treatments and procedures for families who are trying to have children. Your donation will help us change lives and bring families together.

Common  Questions

How are family grant recipients selected?

A committee composed of the Board of Directors and members of our advisory committee will review all applications received during the grant application cycle.  Each member of the committee has an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings about the applicants to the rest of the committee.  An anonymous poll is taken to determine who the top candidates are.  Based on available funding, the Board of Directors will approve the quantity of grants to be awarded and the amount awarded in each grant.  

Who is eligible for a family grant?

Couples who are legal residents of the United States and are living in Kern County, have been diagnosed with infertility and who require infertility treatments or adoption are eligible for the grant application

How much money is awarded in each family grant and how many family grants are awarded?

The number of grants awarded and the value of each grant is dependent on how much money is raised during the year and will vary based on the type of treatment required.  Grants will typically go up to $30,000.

Where will my family grant be sent?

To ensure that grant funds are being used appropriately, grants will be sent to the fertility center or adoption agency in your name.  For the security of the funds that have been graciously donated by donors, we cannot issue any checks directly to grant recipients or provide reimbursements.  

What is considered a permanent resident of the United States?

A permanent resident of the United States are natural born citizens or immigrants with a green card, work and student visas do not qualify as permanent residency.  

I was not awarded a family grant during the last family grant cycle, do I need to apply again?

Yes.  Applicants must resubmit an application during each cycle.  Please limit applications to one application per cycle.

Can I get reimbursed for payments that I made with my credit car?

In order for us to ensure that family grant funds are being used appropriately, we are not able to issue reimbursements for payments that you have already made.  Payments will be paid directly to a fertility clinic or adoption agency on your behalf.  

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